Cosmo Presents Ch'i, feat. Billie Godfrey
“Mistaken” (BITCH 005)

"This is another example of Cosmo’s ear for, and openness to, many styles of music. A treat for broken beat, soul and US house fans alike".
– Rob Wood, Editor, Jockey Slut

Ch'i is Cosmo's own musical project that showcases her song writing and production talents. With its pure summer vibe, Cosmo Presents Ch'i featuring Billie Godfrey with "Mistaken" is the follow up to the first Ch'i single "Loneliness" which featured the lovely vocals of Alison Crockett (Sylk 130 / US3) and was released on Tommy Musto's Suburban label in 1999. This time around Ch'i features vocalist Billie Godfrey known for her work with Beverly Knight, Mitchell & Dewbury and Sao Benitez.

"Mistaken" features an electronic broken beat original mix by Cosmo and Ben Mitchell and a deep New York style remix by Alix Alvarez known for his work with Arnold Jarvis (Black Vinyl) and Tortured Soul (Central Park). You can also check it out on the Hit Music Company's "Private Party 2 - Aural Pleasures" CD.