“By our estimation, the U.K.’s DJ Cosmo and Ashley Beedle have approximately five decades of dance-music experience between them. Cosmo, known to her pals as Colleen Murphy, is the former New Yorker who’s now a mover and shaker on the London scene through her work as a DJ, radio host and owner of the Bitches Brew label; Beedle, or course, is one of the men behind such classic clubland combos as Black Science Orchestra, Ballistic Brothers and a little trio called X-Press 2. Long story short: They know their shit.”
Bruce Tantum, Time Out New York

DarkStarr is the musical partnership of Ashley Beedle and Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy. With their first hand experience and contemporary relevance, Ashley and Cosmo stand in an elite class of their own. Ashley has been London’s premier Soul Boy for decades. His work under the monikers of X Press 2 (with Rocky and Diesel), Black Science Orchestra, Heavy Disco and Ballistic Brothers proves Ashley is one the few DJ / producers that can be both diverse and credible at the same time. Cosmo draws on her extraordinary heritage from the other side of the pond. Her tutelage by David Mancuso within The Loft is unique within today’s generation of DJs and her New York City radio shows of house, disco and psychedelic rock tuned in and turned on a generation of new listeners from the late 80’s onwards.

DarkStarr is the real deal. DarkStarr takes the bastardized trendy genres of “disco”, “balearic” and “cosmic” and brings what they truly mean back into play with credibility and heritage. DarkStarr is for those who want to get on down. Properly.

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