"Every Bitches Brew release that drops through the door has me boggling round the room within seconds - always quality and a truly international sound that mashes up so many styles but always comes out clean. Good vibrations!"
Rob Da Bank, Radio Host, BBC Radio One

"Music for the feet, the head and the soul - Bitches Brew brings it on a little deeper..."
Nick Luscombe, Radio Host, XFM, Capitol Radio Group

"Every time a new Bitches Brew arrives on my doorstep I know it's going to be a surprise! Musically, Bitches Brew are energetic, soulful and have a vibe that's needed in an over saturated dance market. An idea and a label for modern times run by a bad bitch! Go on girl!"
Ashley Beedle, Legendary DJ/Producer

The Bitches Brew imprint is owned and run by DJ and radio personality Cosmo who started a label purely as an excuse to release music she likes, whether you lot do or not. Fortunately, her taste in music is not to be sniffed at, neither is her choice of remixers and producers she has enticed into her embrace - such as Ewan Pearson, Rob Mello, Justin Robertson, Jimpster, Charlie Dark and Riton. The sound Cosmo champions is a filthy mix of everything that makes people hot under the collar. Get stuck in! 
Lulu LeVay, Journalist and Super Cool Chick


Jinadu – “Natural Thing”
A. Original Mix (Produced by Jinadu, Cosmo and Nikki Lucas)
B. Domu's Mutant Soul Remix

Ade Sose & Ibile – “Ka Ranti”
A. Sao Benitez Re-Edit produced by Ben Mitchell
B. Nigel Hayes Afro-Stomp Remix

Bambú – “The Real Thing”
A. Vocal Mix (Produced by Cosmo, Ben Mitchell and Billie Godfrey)
B1. Nicolas Matar Cielo Dub
B2. Instrumental Mix (by Cosmo and Ben Mitchell)

The Flaws feat. MC Chick-A-Boo - "Freek"
A. Original Mix (Produced by Nikki Lucas and Tim Burns)
B1. Ewan Pearson Remix
B2. Dub (by Nikki Lucas)

Ch’i feat. Billie Godfrey – “Mistaken”
A. Original Mix (Produced by Cosmo and Ben Mitchell)
B. Alix Alvarez Remix

S.U.M.O. – “Ntujjo”
A. Switch Bitch Afro-Tech Remix (by Cosmo and Nikki Lucas)
B1. S.U.M.O.'s Main Bounce
B2. Switch Bitch Instrumental (by Cosmo and Nikki Lucas)

Jinadu – “Turning the Tide”
A. Broken Mix (Produced by Jinadu and Domu)
B. Jimpster Remix

Stash – “Fools Gold”
A. Original Mix (Produced by Crispin Glover)
B. Justin Robertson's Revtone Remix

Panic feat. Chick-A-Boo - "Jam"
A1. Original (Produced by Nikki Lucas)
A2. Freedom Fighter Dub (Produced by Nikki Lucas)
B2. Charlie Dark Vocal Remix
B3. Charlie Dark Dubstrumental

Bambú - "Elevate Your Mind"
A. Main Mix (Produced by Ben Mitchell, Cosmo and Billie Godfrey)
B1. Elevated Mix (Produced by Ben Mitchell and Cosmo)
B2. Cielo Dub (Produced by Nicolas Matar)


Stash – “Things Fall Apart”
A1. Original Mix (Produced by Crispin Glover and Nick Riggio)
A2. Riton Re-Rub
B1. Flaws Remix
B2. A Cappella

Wild Rumpus – “Musical Blaze-Up”
A1. Rub N’ Tug Bitches Remix
A2. Cosmo’s Teletubby Dub
B1. Rob Mello’s No Ears Remix
B2. Original Version

Wild Rumpus – “Purple Somersault”
A1. Prins Thomas Diskomiks
A2. Prins Thomas Drum Dub
B1. Original Mix

Wild Rumpus feat. Beardyman – “Rock the Joint”
A. Reverso 68 Remix
B. Original Mix

Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle – “When The Rain” (Cosmodelica Mixes)
A. Cosmodelica Mix
B. Cosmodelica Reprise Version

Mavis presents Candi Staton – “Revolution” (DarkStarr Mixes)
A. DarkStarr Mix
B. DarkStarr Dub

Bitches Brew Nu Soul EP
A1. Bambú – “The Real Thing” (Vocal Mix)
B1. Jinadu – “Natural Thing” (Domu’s Mutant Soul Remix)
B2. Panic ft. MC Chick-A-Boo – “Jam” (Charlie Dark Dubstrumental)

Salvador Santana – “Don't Do It” (DarkStarr Mixes)
A. DarkStarr Mix
B. DarkStarr Dub

Bitches Brew House EP
A1. Jinadu – “Turning the Tide” (Jimpster Remix)
B1. Cosmo Presents Ch’i ft. Billie Godfrey – “Mistaken” (Alix Alvarez Remix)
B2. Bambu – “The Real Thing” (Nicolas Matar Cielo Dub)

Phenomenal Handclap Band – “Testimony” (Cosmodelica Dub Factor Mixes)
A. Cosmodelica Dub Factor Mix
B. Cosmodelica Vox Factor Mix