Panic featuring Chickaboo
“Jam” (BITCH 009)

“Wouldn’t it be nice to whiz off to Trinidad for some cool vibes? No need to - grab this piece of smouldering vinyl and you will find everything you need: rhythm and percussion, cheeky lyrics by the one and only Chickaboo and if that isn’t enough there are also a couple of Charlie Dark remixes thrown in for good measure!”
– David Colkett, Discoid Magazine

With its Trinidadian soca flavourings, “Jam” is the perfect, well, jam to get the dancefloors , er, jammin’. Featuring vocals by Chickaboo who has worked with dance luminaries such as Soul 2 Soul, Rennie Pilgrem, Goldie, Timo Maas, and The Flaws, the song features percussion and steel pan by Joy, a Trinidadian native herself and the daughter of legendary calypso kingping Alexander D. Great. Producer Nikki Lucas has also provided a deeeeeeeep and gorgeous Freedom Fighter Dub for those into more of an instrumental sound. On the flip, an ace remix by Charlie Dark from Attica Blues and Blacktronica. He really spent some real time on this remix with it’s beautiful transitions and breaks and the subtle calypso / two-step vibe.