“Ntujjo” (BITCH 006

"The S.U.M.O. is fucking awesome (can I say that?). The Switch Bitch mixes rock. Nuff said. One of the best house tunes I have heard all year."
– Ashley Beedle, Producer, X-Press 2

"Ntujjo" is the Bitches Brew debut from the prolific S.U.M.O. (Swedish Underfed Music Operators). Featuring singer Sammy Kasule, "Ntujjo" is sung in his native Ugandan tongue giving Afro-House a whole new flavour. Check out the percussive quality of his vocals - even though we have no idea what he's saying it sounds great! The S.U.M.O. boys have recently received awards for "The Best Act" and "The Best Song" at the Swedish Deejay Awards. They have also recorded for Africanism/Yellow, Disorient, Sphere and Seasons.

S.U.M.O.'s Main Bounce is a lush Afro-House production while the Afro-Tech remix comes courtesy of Switch Bitch (none other than your two favourite bitches, Cosmo and Nikki Lucas) and features a crazy, Art Blakey type solo by percussionist Joy.