James Bates / Atom
Motion / Animation
UX / UI / App / TV
Infographic / Interactive
Design / Branding
Art / Illustration
Time zones
US Elections 2012
News/World Service
Salterbaxter CR

BBC News & World Service

Various Infographics

Infographics & charts creation and re-formatting for languages.
Agni V Missile Range
Infographic showing the range of the newly developed Agni V missile.
To calculate the distances, we had to plot the distances with google earth to get a realistic idea of scale.
Tehran Map
Infographic map showing the location of the British Embassy in Iran, which had be attached earlier that day.
Moscow Map
Infographic (Russian) map showing the the spark points in the Moscow protests
Africa Food Map
Infographic map showing the food shortage areas of Africa
Felix space jump
Example showing Urdu translation, reading right to left.